I am a self-taught artist, having no previous background in art or painting. Above all else, I am a Mama of two beautiful boys!

I started my art journey after the birth of my first son - I began to look for a creative outlet postpartum, and I decided to take a hand lettering and modern calligraphy course. This soon blossomed into experimenting with different mediums – and once discovering watercolour, my passion came to grow into the collections you see here. My very first watercolour collection, “Sea Creatures” grew out of the beauty of watching the different colours interact with water on the page, creating these bold images of ocean creatures. I fell in love with the process, and let it evolve into different themes, botanicals and animals.

I also began experimenting with Minimalistic Portrait Drawings, which I have absolutely loved offering you. These custom Portrait Drawings have been so influential and important to me – the ability to turn your favourite old photograph into a modern piece of art, or help you feel comfort and healing as you memorialize a loved one in a portrait – the personal and human aspect behind these portraits have truly touched my heart.

I hope you feel the same joy and relaxation that I experienced as I painted these watercolours, and enjoy the meaningful, powerful Minimalistic Portraits I can create for you. I feel truly honoured to have my art in your homes.